Adding value through technology

Various market changes, ranging from increased product demand through to alterations in product legislation and emission standards, can trigger strategic investment opportunities. But how do you evaluate – and execute – the projects that will secure the best returns? World oil consumption has caught up with the industry’s installed crude refining capacity, and companies across the globe are evaluating their options to profitably meet growing demand. There is a shortage of capacity for processing increasingly heavy crudes into lighter products, products that will have to meet ever more stringent fuel specifications.

Sulphur technology platform

To help refiners manage sulphur, the sulphur technology platform offers a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of customised licensed technology and catalyst solutions. Based on the organisation’s extensive owner/operator expertise, the sulphur technology platform can be customised based on the refiners’ business goals.

The complete sulphur technology platform includes:

Technology is key

Many refiners need the right technology to raise plant capacity beyond original design levels. For others, regulatory compliance or increasingly stringent product specifications necessitate new technology for upgrading such as bottom-of-the-barrel conversion or hydrodesulfurization. Shell Global Solutions, together with Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, license technologies to help customers:

  • Upgrade capacity and performance of existing units
  • Integrate new process units into existing refinery operations
  • Incorporate advanced catalyst systems and reactor internals
  • Plan, design, and implement new refineries

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