Criterion Technical Services

Criterion has an established team of hydrotreating experts, with many years of experience, who are specifically dedicated to supporting Criterion’s customers. Because of our industry leadership position, we have the widest range of commercial experiences (feeds, operating conditions, operating issues, etc). We use this knowledge wherever possible to help our customers improve unit performance and innovate approaches that will produce additional value for the refinery.

Criterion has technical experts that assist with catalyst loading and unit startup to enable the catalyst system to perform at its best. To ensure each unit’s operation achieves the desired objectives, we provide unit performance monitoring throughout the cycle and unit troubleshooting when and where our expertise can support our customers.

Unit performance monitoring is key to ensure we aid in evaluating the economic benefits / tradeoffs of different operating scenarios to take full advantage of the catalyst system’s capability.

Criterion is equipped with pilot plants to help understand and predict the impact of new feeds / operating approaches, analyse / validate unexpected circumstances as well as evaluate improved catalyst solutions.

By applying all these resources (experienced catalyst/process technical service engineers, hydroprocessing models, analytical facilities and pilot plants), we can provide insights and advice to realise better results cycle after cycle.

In summary, Criterion has designed its technical support approach for customers to complement and enhance current capabilities to realise the maximum value from each hydroprocessing unit that uses Criterion’s catalysts.

Cat-Check Knowledge Management System

Criterion’s CAT-CHECKSM is a knowledge based management system for optimizing catalyst performance and utilization. Recognizing customer needs, we developed this approach to monitor catalyst performance in the unit with minimum customer effort. Our consultants translate the data to quickly obtain an intimate knowledge of the unit and to compare this information with our extensive knowledge base built up over many years. We are better positioned to rapidly gain an understanding of what’s possible for the unit and with a goal to unlock its hidden potential. CAT-CHECK is proving to be an overwhelming success.

actiCat Services

CRI-Criterion developed the actiCAT Ex-situ Presulfurization process in the early 1990’s in order to provide refining customers with a faster and easier start-up of hydrotreating catalysts that also achieved maximum performance from the catalyst. Criterion licensed the actiCAT technology to Porocel Industries in 2004. Criterion continues to offer the actiCAT service via support from Porocel. Porocel offers the actiCAT service from their plants in Lafayette, Louisiana; Rodange, Luxembourg; and Singapore; Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

ENCORE Revitalisation

ENCORE is a process developed by Criterion using patented technologies for reactivation of spent CENTINEL and CENTINEL Gold catalysts. ENCORE reverses both coke deactivation and deactivation due to metals agglomeration and sintering. This process has demonstrated recovery to near fresh activity in many Type II catalysts.

Criterion customers benefit from the support of knowledgeable and experienced catalyst scientists and engineers at every stage of the process cycle.

We propose tailored catalyst systems to meet the technical brief in terms of feedstock, the desired product slate, the design of the unit and the operating conditions and constraints. Process modelling and help with developing a unit operating strategy are available. Naturally, we also support the start-up of the unit.

Perhaps more importantly, through our advice and experience, we can help our customers as they maintain the long-term performance of their units. Our Cat‑Check knowledge management system enables us to help the customer build a picture of their unit and the way it is performing. By studying the information gathered and comparing it with our extensive process database, we can help with the customer’s efforts to control the conditions of their unit to continuously optimise performance or quickly troubleshoot any process problems.

Catalyst Services - and beyond

Criterion can help with a full range of catalyst-related services. These encompass Co-Mo and Ni‑M o catalyst preactivation, notably including ex situ presulphiding using our proprietary actiCAT ® process, and all aspects of spent catalyst management. This spans normal thermal regeneration; high-activity (Type II ) catalyst revitalisation using our ENCORE process, which produces near fresh-quality catalyst; metals recovery; and waste materials disposal.

Additionally, our close working relationship with Shell Global Solutions offers select customers access to world-class refinery operational services. The organisation has an outstanding global reputation for support in key areas such as sulphur management, energy efficiency, maintenance and reliability management, and asset integrity.

It licenses a wide range of process technology, gives expert guidance on distillation issues, carries out debottlenecking studies and provides refinery turnaround and start-up support.

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About Criterion

Criterion is an international company that supplies catalysts, process technologies and catalyst services for a wide range of refining applications.


The success of our technology programmes is best illustrated by the fact that new products introduced over the past five years account for most of our catalyst sales.