Hydrocracking is replacing fluidised catalytic cracking as the refinery conversion process of choice. The performance of hydrocracking units is fundamentally dependent on the zeolite catalyst used to break down the heavier oil molecules.

Criterion offers a broad range of zeolite catalysts to satisfy a variety of refinery hydrocracking objectives. We also provide the pretreatment catalysts that are vital to preserving the function of the main cracking catalysts.

We work closely with refiners to select the most appropriate hydrocracking and pretreatment catalysts. This involves a detailed analysis in which reference will be made to feedstock quality; the desired product slate; the design of the hydrocracker and its normal operating regime; the amount of hydrogen available; and the target cycle length. Process modelling and pilot plant trials are part of the toolbox used to pinpoint the best catalysts for individual hydrocrackers and also to develop the most effective unit operating strategy.

Criterion is a global leader in hydrotreating catalysts and has a track record that stretches back for more than 50 years. Criterion catalysts can be currently found in about 850 hydrotreating units around the world used for product quality upgrading and hydrocracker pretreatment.

Product Information - Hydrocracking
Catalysts Type/Application Description
DN-3552 *New* Ni/Mo Hydrotreating Catalyst ASCENT technology: Ideal activity for extremely stable pre/post-treat catalyst used to treat a wide range of feedstocks.
DN-3621 Ni/Mo Hydrotreating Catalyst CENTERA® technology : Criterion newest generation providing our highest activity and highest stablity pretreat catalyst in the portfolio. DN-3621 is used to maximum nitrogen removal to optimize the cracking operation with the most difficult feed stocks.

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