We recognise that installing industry-leading catalysts will not, on its own, deliver maximum value; the design of the overall catalyst system is also critical. It is essential that this takes into account site-specific constraints such as hydrogen availability, FCC unit capabilities and feedstock options, as well as the refiner’s operational objectives in terms of, for instance, cycle life, product slate and emission targets.

We follow a highly diagnostic process in which we listen to customers to gain a thorough understanding of their situation. This enables us to devise a value-adding catalyst system designed to lie within those constraints and leverage the most value from their assets.

Criterion’s range of FCC pretreatment catalysts includes products from both the ASCENT and CENTERA technology platforms.

Product Information - FCC Pretreat
Catalyst Type/Applications Description

SENTRY MaxTrap[As]


NiMo - Naphtha Hydrotreating Trilobe catalyst on a high surface area alumina extrudate specially formulated to trap Arsenic (As) present in a wide range of petroleum feedstocks. Protects high activity catalysts for significantly longer periods from arsenic poisoning. Demonstrates exceptional stability in this severe environment.
DC-2651 FCC Pretreat CENTERA® DN-2651 is Criterion’s highest activity CoMo catalyst for low -to-moderate pressure FCC Pretreat operation. DC-2651 has substantially improved HDS activity while it maintains ASCENT stability and metals capacity for improved cycle performance especially when it is critical to limit hydrogen addition to the feed.
DN-3551 FCC Pretreat ASCENT catalyst featuring increased activity, improved metals capacity for improved cycle performance and exceptional FCC conversion for use with difficult feed stocks.
DN-3651 FCC Pretreat CENTERA® DN-3651 is Crierions highest activity NiMo catalyst for moderate-to-high pressure FCC Pretreat operation. DN-3651 has substantially improved HDS and HDN activity while it maintains ASCENT stability and metals capacity for improved cycle performance with exceptional polyaromatic saturation optimizing FCC conversion with difficult feed stocks.
Mild-Hydrocracking Catalyst Widely used MHC catalyst for mild conversion of VGO feedstocks.
Mild-Hydrocracking Catalyst Very high Middle Distillates Selective Hydrocracking/Mild Hydrocracking catalyst.
MaxTrap[CCR] CCR/Metals abatement Which is a specially formulated demet catalyst designed for maximum CCR conversion. It is recommended in units processing DAO and deep-cut VGOs or suffering from significant resid entrainment. 

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