Hydrocracking Process Technology Workshop

Date: TBC

Location: TBC

Event Details:

This course will provide attendees with knowledge of the technology, operations and economics of the hydrocracking process. The course is designed for anyone dealing with short and long-term decisions on operational, technological or catalyst management aspects of hydrocracking. Included are practical working sessions that cover multiple aspects of the hydrocracking process from troubleshooting, modeling, and operability to catalyst management.

Comprehensive Information

The workshop will cover topics that include:

  • Chemistry, Kinetics & Thermodynamics
  • Catalyst Basics and Technology including Recent Developments
  • Feedstocks and Products
  • Catalyst Poisoning / Fouling
  • Process Operational Parameters
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Process Troubleshooting, Case Studies & Optimisation
  • Process Safeguarding
  • Configurations & Equipment
  • Reactor Internals
  • Catalyst Handling
  • Catalyst Activation
  • Operational and Emergency Procedures
  • Corrosion
  • Process Modeling & Exercises
  • Fractionation
  • Gas Treating / Amine Systems
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Case studies

Who should attend?

  • Process unit engineers
  • Project engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Operations engineers
  • Operations managers
  • Hydrocracking process consultants
  • Technical directors or managers
  • Catalyst management coordinators
Contact Details
Name Area Role Number Email
Gert Meijburg Technical Content Regional Manager, Global Hydrocracking EMEAR +31 20 630 3197 g.meijburg@shell.com
Alexandra Steeb Registration Sr Hydrocracker Technical Services Engineer +49 40 7565 4389 alexandra.steeb@shell.com

Hydrocracking & Hydroprocessing Seminar

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Event Details:

The seminars have been developed for engineering and operations personnel who have entered the hydrocracking or hydroprocessing field and are looking for a deeper practical and theoretical knowledge base and desire a detailed review on the technologies employed at their facilities.

You will be able to choose which of the seminars best fits your needs and register to attend that specific seminar. The seminars being offered are:

Hydroprocessing with FCC Pre-Treat Deep-Dive

Providing a strong foundation in multiple hydroprocessing applications focusing on a deep-dive within FCC Pretreat technology Seminar Description

Hydroprocessing with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Deep Dive

Providing a strong foundation in multiple hydroprocessing applications focusing on a deep-dive within Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) technology Seminar Description

Hydrocracking Hydroprocessing Deep Dive

Providing a strong foundation in hydrocracking and pre-treat hydroprocessing technology Seminar Description

Contact Details

Name Area Role Number Email
Paul Ceccato
Technical Content Hydroprocessing Market Manager +1 832 337 9591 paul.ceccato@cri-criterion.com
Teresa Brod Registration Marketing Implementation Americas +1 832 337 9580 teresa.brod@shell.com

Ebullated Bed Resid Users Workshop

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Who should attend?

This workshop will provide process engineers, operators, project engineers and refining staff with a cutting-edge understanding of the Ebullated Bed Residue Upgrading Technology. We have designed this workshop to provide an expert overview of the key operational aspects of residue upgrading.


Comprehensive information

The workshop will not only cover the catalyst and process fundamentals, but also subjects such as Ebullated Bed unit reliability, unit fouling, product stability and unit optimization.

Highlights include:

Basics of Residue Upgrading Ebullated Bed Catalysts and Unit Optimization Fouling and Product Stability Unit Reliability


Catalyst Development, Upscaling & Manufacturing

Fouling Mitigation Around Ebullated Bed Units

Reliability Programs

Residue Hydro-Conversion Processes & Chemistry

Unit Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Process Options Available to Operators of Residue Hydrocrackers for Controlling the Stability of Unconverted Bottoms

Catalysts Logistics


Laboratory Scale Testing

Sediment Control Catalysts

Best-Practice Exchange

Work directly with the expert

Industry experts will present each subject area, and each session will be concluded with a question and answer period allowing ample time for in-depth discussions and exchange of experiences.

Name Area Role Number Email
Richard Street Technical Contact Global Business Manager, Resid +1 (713) 882 9279 richard.street@cri-criterion.com
Teresa L. Brod Registration Marketing Implementation Americas +1 832 337 9580 teresa.brod@shell.com

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