Shell Global Solutions

Shell Global Solutions is a network of independent technology companies in the Shell Group which provide technical consultancy and licensed technologies for both the Shell Group and third party customers within the energy industry.

In response to the significant challenges facing the industry today, Shell Global Solutions strives to deliver innovative technical solutions and effective technology to support its customers in their day-to-day operations and delivery of strategic plans. This enables customers to improve the capacity and performance of existing units; integrate new process units into existing refineries and petrochemical complexes; incorporate advanced catalyst systems and reactor internals; through to the design of grassroots refineries. More information on Shell Global Solutions is available at

Shell Global Solutions is affiliated with Shell’s catalyst companies which innovate and sell catalysts through a network that includes Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, Zeolyst International, CRI Catalyst Company and CRI KataLeuna. More information on the CRI/Criterion Catalysts and Technologies group is available at

Shell Global Solutions

CRI Catalyst

Serving all segments of the chemical and petrochemical industry, CRI Catalyst Company supplies catalysts, technology, and services to meet a wide range of requirements. CRI Catalyst Company is the global chemical catalyst technology company of Royal Dutch Shell with research laboratories, development facilities, manufacturing plants, and business units dedicated to supplying the most efficient and cost effective catalysts to customers throughout the world. Specific applications include ethylene epoxidation, styrene production, hydrogenation processes, hydrogen production and environmental applications. Services include catalyst installation monitoring, startup assistance, and related business services such as precious metal purchasing and leasing.

CRI's catalyst products are produced in our global ISO certified manufacturing facilities. World-class technical support for CRI's catalysts is available to customers around the clock.

The ethylene oxide catalyst business model is the basis of success for CRI Catalyst Company. Built upon successful customer-centric processes that focus on delivery of customer value, its operations encompass an impressive number of innovative capabilities designed to benefit its customers:

  • Process & technology licensing
  • Joint-catalyst R&D
  • Custom catalyst manufacturing
  • Onsite start-up assistance
  • Ongoing operational catalyst services

As we have broadened the range and scope of high value services to EO customers, we are similarly expanding the value-added processes for other business divisions within the CRI Catalyst Company. The net benefit to our worldwide customers is a technology company that provides value, can help solve your problems, and knows the answers to your questions. We have the ability and resources to draw from a knowledge base and skill-set that is unrivalled, varied and wide-ranging. We are the total chemical catalyst technology company, and we work hard to earn your business every day.

CRI Catalyst

Zeolyst International

Zeolyst International has been specializing in zeolite powders, catalysts, and adsorbents since 1988, emerging as a global leader for both commercial and specialized zeolites. We combine the zeolite product development and manufacturing skills of our parent companies, PQ Corporation and CRI International, Inc., a member of the Royal Dutch Shell Group of companies, into a single entity. Our sister company, Criterion Catalyst Company, extends our capabilities by offering a complete line of quality catalyst products, advanced process technology, and experienced technical service.

Aggressive investment in research, development, and capital improvements helps us keep pace with our customers' developing needs. The resulting worldwide network of manufacturing plants, research and development laboratories, and leading technical specialists makes us a world-class supplier of zeolite products and a valued resource for our customers. It's easy to understand why many major international companies have chosen Zeolyst International as a partner for their strategic product and process development programs.

Please contact us at or for additional information.

Zeolyst International

Criterion’s link to Shell Global Solutions is important for several reasons. First, it provides us with a deep insight into industry needs and trends: a real feel for the business from the viewpoint of an owner and major refinery operator.

Second, we gain access to a wealth of refinery technology, expertise in computer process modelling and optimisation, and an outstanding science and engineering resource, which is particularly valuable when it comes to more fundamental catalyst research.

From a customer standpoint, our link with Shell Global Solutions, a major refinery process technology licensor, opens the way for genuinely integrated and customised solutions. These encompass process technology, reactor internals and catalysts, all three elements being of the highest standard. Customers have the advantage of a single point of contact and responsibility for projects varying from those designed to improve operations, typically involving drop-in solutions, through scheduled turnarounds and revamps, to major expansions and completely new units demanding significant investment.

Over the past 10 years, Criterion has undertaken more than 150 projects involving the provision of hydroprocessing technology, reactor internals and catalysts. In projects like these, there is less need to compromise and more chance of being able to formulate a genuinely integrated solution. Unit performance is improved as a result. In every project and sale, Criterion and Shell Global Solutions respect the integrity of customers’ proprietary information.

Internals technology

Criterion offers Shell Global Solutions reactor internals technology, including filter trays, high-dispersion distribution internals, ultra-flat quench interbed internals, catalyst support grids and bottom baskets. Hundreds of commercial applications have proved the benefits of such technology in terms of raised reactor volume utilisation, reduced fouling, prolonged catalyst cycle lengths, more uniform product quality and reduced reactor hot-spot formation.

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Criterion Products

Criterion supplies catalysts for the critical processes that use hydrogen to upgrade and add value to refinery streams and final products.


The success of our technology programmes is best illustrated by the fact that new products introduced over the past five years account for most of our catalyst sales.